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Application Development with HTML5 Builder

Delphi courses
  • Delphi Training - Win32 - five day course - from Delphi 5 and above more
  • Advanced Delphi Training - Win32 - three day course more
  • FireMonkey for Win32/OS X/Mobile Training - five day course contact for more information

Other Services
  • Custom training
  • Private mentoring
  • Software Development

Why choose Coogara Consulting?
  • Many years of practical experience
  • Many years of training experience
  • Training can be run for just one person
  • Training can be customised to meet your needs
Where do I train?
  • I will train almost anywhere in Australia. Some overseas attendees have flown in for training


My credentials:
  • I trained for Borland Australia from 2001 to 2003 (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth...)
  • Embarcadero Technolgy Partner
  • Author of books on Delphi FireMonkey and HTML5 Builder
What does training cost?
Past Training
  • DXC Technology
  • Pacsoft Australia Pty Ltd - FireMonkey training
  • Holman Engineering
  • Toptronic (Taiwan)
  • AEMO
  • Retalix
  • Viterra
  • FIS Global
  • Gateway Dealer Solutions
  • DOD-Navy
  • Air Radiators
  • Aristocrat Gaming Analysis
  • Hunter-New England Area Health Service
  • John Holland

Phil Sheppard, Creative Analytics, Victoria
I found your extensive knowledge of object oriented programming and your ability to move between Delphi and C# to be a particularly effective learning mechanism for me. I enjoyed your friendly style, flexibility to customise your training to my needs, and would not hesitate in recommending your training services.

Peter McLeod, Practical Computer Services, Queensland
When we were looking at organising training for our developers we contacted a number of training providers, however we found that their courses were inflexible and did not suit our needs. Graeme however produced a course which was designed according to our requirements. The best thing however, was that when we deviated from the course material, that Graeme knew the answers!

Anthony Miller, Tattersalls, Victoria
My thanks for the training... I haven't attended too many training courses but for the ones that I have I found the instructor to be a theoretical genius and a practical novice. Some weren't that great on the theory! I found that you had both the theory and the practical experience.
RAD Studio

Coogara Consulting is an Embarcadero Technology Partner

Coogara Consulting is an
Embarcadero Technology Partner